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BEACONs has a number of research initiatives which are listed below.

Ecological Benchmarks

This research focuses on the design of ecological benchmarks, one element of the Conservation Matrix Model.

Fire Regionalization

The fire regionalization is a multivariate spatial characterization of boreal fire regimes based on the behaviour of fire reflected in the Canadian Large Fire Database.

Minimum Dynamic Reserves

This study explores Minimium Dynamic Reserves or the minimum area required to buffer against natural disturbance and maintain ecological processes. This work informs the size criterion of ecological benchmarks.

Mapping Intactness

This study is a review and comparison of existing global and regional datasets that quantify intactness in the boreal region of Canada.

Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

BEACONs is advising the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement on the design of ecological benchmarks and protected area networks.

Moyen Nord

This study identifies priority areas for biodiversity conservation in the Plan Nord region of Quebec, either by expanding existing protected areas or creating new ones. The study also investigates the consequences of existing mining claims for biodiversity conservation within this region.

Boreal Avian Modelling Project (BAM)

The Boreal Avian Modelling Project (BAM) is amassing a broad and comprehensive set of data on Canada's boreal bird communities and seeks to provide answers to key questions about the present and future health of the boreal avian community.

Saskatchewan Representative Areas

In partnership with Saskatchewan Environment, we assessed the adequacy of designated lands in Saskatchewan to serve as ecological benchmarks for forestry practices.



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