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The BEACONs GIS Tools is a set of ArcGIS tools and Python scripts for preparing input data for and processing data output from the Benchmark Builder and Ranker. The tools are available through the ArcToolbox from within ArcMap or ArcCatalog. Each tool includes a dialog box that allows the user to enter parameters such as input and output datasets and directories. Optionally, the tools can also be run from the command line. The user’s guide describes each tool and provides instructions on how to use them. Currently, the tools include:

  • A tool that automates the preparation of input data for Ranker by tabulating the area of several spatial ecological criteria (e.g., land cover, climate-moisture index, gross primary production, and lake-edge density) for each catchment in a study area.
  • A tool that generates an input table for Builder that identifies, for each catchment, the catchments that are adjacent to it.
  • A tool for generating shapefiles from potential benchmarks created by Builder.
  • A utility tool that fixes certain issues within a drainage network attribute (order3).

The user's guide also describes several other Python scripts which have not yet been converted to ArcGIS tools but which can be run at the command line.



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