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Welcome to the BEACONs Project

The BEACONs Project was founded at the University of Alberta in recognition for a new approach to conservation planning in North America's boreal region. We are building a credible scientific framework for comprehensive conservation planning through the development and application of leading-edge conservation science that includes consideration of both protected areas and lands managed for other values. The premise of our research is that the ultimate goal of conservation is to identify human activities that are compatible with the maintenance of biological diversity and integrity of ecological systems. The conceptual scientific framework guiding our research is the Conservation Matrix Model. 

New Research to Support Pro-Active Conservation Planning: Ecological Benchmarks for the Northwest Boreal Region

In February 2018, we released a suite of products to support pro-active conservation planning and the identification of benchmark networks for the northwest boreal region of North America. Within an adaptive management framework, ecological benchmarks serve as reference areas for detecting and understanding the influence of human activity on ecological systems.

Pan-Boreal Assessment: Evaluation of Existing Protected Areas and Ecological Benchmarks for Boreal Canada

In 2018, we will release an evaluation of existing and proposed protected areas in Canada's boreal region with respect to representation of ecosystem diversity and provision of ecological benchmarks. We identify opportunities for the establishment of ecological benchmarks based on standardized ecological criteria.



Feb 14 2018
Northwest Boreal Benchmark Analysis Released

Nov 20 2017
BEACONs' Webinar Tuesday Nov 28

Jul 24 2017
BEACONs' Website - New content coming soon!

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